Saturday, December 28, 2013

Alright, so I've been thinking a lot, and the church not only gives a lot of responsibility to people who can't handle it,  but they give them unrealistic expectations. Like, for example, all of the women are supposed to have babies, and  lay at the feet of their husbands, and all of the husbands are supposed to be able to support the family 100% of the time. Or maybe that all of the women love to knit and soothe screaming children, and when the husbands come home, dinner is made and all of the children are lined up with shining faces. Not every  family is this way, but I have heard it from more than a few leaders in my years of being a Mormon. Im not sure why they want to "take away" , for lack of a better statement, the rights of women. Im no feminist, but I can't stand the way they push "worthy families" If there is a single mother, they want her to be out and meeting men to find someone who can help support the family. That is great, it's stressful being a single mother, I was raised by one most of my life. The problem is the fact that my mother is on her third marriage and the one she has picked as "the keeper" is a terrible father. He wasnt married until his mid-40's and has never even been engaged. He fell in love with my beautiful, energetic mother and turned her into, well, him. He says things like "when you move out, we'll get nice things." Yes, children ruin furniture and put stickers on your car windows, lets think about the fact that they are only 8, and have had enough stress in their childhood. You were supposed to be the stable in this crazy family. I feel like the LDS church split my parents up by their unrealistic expectations of a healthy, "worthy" marriage. And then they simply pushed her into getting married again to have the support she needed. I feel she should have waited until she found the right person, or the one that suited her best, but if she had that mindset, I would have never been born, so... there you go.

If you are reading this blog because you have doubts about your Mormon beliefs, let me direct you to the places that helped me make my decision:


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